The OODA Unlocked program lets community members promote thought leadership to a broader global audience.

It is a  unique content sponsorship model that lets OODA partners unlock OODA Network Member Only content for unrestricted viewing.  Unlocking an article removes the login requirement for the content making it globally searchable and viewable to any site visitors.

OODA Unlocked sponsors do not have any influence on the content of the article, but do receive prominent recognition.  For information on how to participate in OODA Unlocked please contact us at

OODA Unlocked Member Discounts

OODA Unlocked also provides discounts on best-in-class services and solutions to the OODA Network members.  The following discounts are currently available to all OODA Network Members with more discounts unlocked in the coming weeks.  These discounts are available only to OODA Network Members.  Visit our Membership page to join now.

10% off Subscriptions to Janes: OODA members are eligible for a 10% discount to subscriptions to Janes periodicals including Janes Defense Weekly, Janes Navy International,  Janes Intelligence Review and Janes International Defense Review.  Contact us for more info and discount link.


50% off Training and Seminars: OODA offers training from world class expert practitioners on topics of high interest to our members. Recent training has included sessions on Master the Skill of Spies, Investigators and Journalists to Better Your Business and Counter-Disinformation Tradecraft For Professionals And Leaders. Advanced notice of training is given to OODA members.

Special OODA Member discount for W@tchTower security platform and services: Led by the highly regarded icon of the cybersecurity community Mischel Kwon, W@tchTower built a comprehensive security operations management platform that enables continuous automation, interaction, and measurement across all security operations functions. Add SME support and managed services to support all aspects of your security program. Contact us for more details.



20% off Wickr Pro Secure Messaging – OODA Network Members receive a 20% discount on Wickr Pro Silver & Gold tiers. Claim your Network and when you upgrade to Silver or Gold, please send email to to apply for your discount.  Visit Wickr to set up your secure network.

10% of Scythe Red Teaming Platform – OODA Network Members receive a 10% discount on the Scythe red teaming platform.  Please send an email to to set up your discount.  Continuous Red Team Automation – now you truly can go purple! The ability to operationalize threat intelligence immediately; your blue team can build and re-test detection capabilities on their own, your SOC can reduce false positives, and your red team can have a common platform for continuous MITRE ATT&CK evaluations. Please visit