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Top 10 Security and Intelligence Stories of 2016

According to the logs for, here are the top stories from 2016 ranked by number of page views.

#1: 10 Red Teaming Lessons Learned over 20 Years by Matt Devost

#2: Best Security, Business, and Technology Books of 2016 by Matt Devost

#3: The Red Teamers Top Ten Books by Mark Mateski

#4: Inside ISIS’s English Language Magazine by Michael Brooks

#5: Islamic State will target Western hotels abroad

#6: Blood Sacrifices Book Companion by Robert Bunker

#7: China confirms its space station is falling back to earth

#8: Energy sector penetrated by advanced cyber attackers 17 times according to DHS

#9: The Cyber Moscow Rules by Bob Gourley

#10: Behavior exhibited by U.S. citizens looking to become foreign fighters

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OODA Analyst

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