Bin Laden’s ambitious final plans

“In the months before his death in May 2011, Osama bin Laden was discussing new gambits — from a truce with Pakistan to opportunistic alliances with jihadist groups spawned by the Arab Spring — so that he could focus on tipping what he called ‘the balance of fear’ with his main enemy, the United States.

This picture of a cagey, quirky bin Laden, directing a terrorist ‘great game’ from his secret lair in Abbottabad, Pakistan, emerges in eight documents released a few months ago. They were declassified to bolster the U.S. government’s case against a Pakistani named Abid Naseer but received scant media attention. Naseer was convicted in March for his role in an alleged al-Qaeda plot to bomb the New York subway. The documents deserve a closer look.”

Source: Bin Laden’s ambitious final plans – The Washington Post

OODA Analyst

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