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Hezbollah Claims a ‘Nuclear Option’ in Tense Standoff with Israel

“Lebanon has a nuclear bomb,’ Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah declared in a televised address to supporters of the Shia militant group in Beirut last month.  ‘This is no exaggeration,’ he went on, before admitting that it was, in fact, a slight exaggeration.  ‘We don’t really have a nuclear bomb,’ he said, laughing—rather, the threat was that ‘several missiles’ launched from Lebanon onto ammonia storage depots in the Israeli port city of Haifa would ‘lead to the same impact as a nuclear bomb.’  Citing a previous Israeli study, Nasrallah claimed that blowing up 15,000 tons of the toxic gas in a densely populated region of 800,000 people would lead to tens of thousands of casualties.”

Source: Hezbollah Claims a ‘Nuclear Option’ in Tense Standoff with Israel – The Daily Beast

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