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Smugglers use burner phones to guide illegal immigrants across Mexican border

“Take what US Border Patrol agents call ‘remote control.’ This is a border crossing tactic in which polleros guide pollos across the border over the phone. The polleros relay the instructions in real-time from Mexico, where they face less risk of arrest than they would if they set foot on US soil. Just like when Chino crossed.

Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents dismantled one such remotely-guided smuggling cell in late 2011. The smugglers weren’t leading large groups of migrants across on foot, but rather relaying instructions over the phone to migrants who crossed the border from Jacume, in Baja California, Mexico, to Jacumba, California, southeast of San Diego. Eight individuals were detained on federal charges in connection to the smuggling ring.”

Source: Remote Control | Motherboard

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