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Afghan Official, 5 Others Killed by Bomber

“A suicide car bomber killed a deputy governor and five other people Tuesday in eastern Afghanistan, police said. In an emotional speech, President Hamid Karzai urged Afghans to decry such violence and fretted that young people will choose to flee their country.

The explosion occurred when the official was driving in Ghazni city toward his office, said Ghazni province Police Chief Zarawar Zahid. The bomber rammed into one of the vehicles in the two-car convoy, sparking a large blast.

All of those in the convoy were killed, including Deputy Gov. Khazim Allayar, his adult son, his driver, and three bodyguards, Zahid said. Twelve people nearby were wounded, he added.”

(Source: FOXNews.com – Afghan Official, 5 Others Killed by Bomber)

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