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Global trade linked to resource insecurity

Researchers have found that the global economy is facing insecurities that are disproportionately affecting remote nations and supply chains. The Global Environmental Change journal published the first comprehensive analysis of its kind, investigating whether trade amplifies resource insecurity. The findings alleged that globalization is not compatible with managing the risks that countries currently face.

The report was the product of a combination of data from the largest macroeconomic database of resources and assessment of risks from professionals in national governments and the United Nations. The report aims to provide an integrated picture of resource dependencies according to the world economy, incorporating 189 countries and over 14,000 sectors. The results state that improved domestic self-sufficiency will be vital for green economic recovery, rather than returning to business as normal after COVID. As the human population continues to grow, an exponentially increasing demand for resources has been created that surpasses what is sustainable for the Earth.

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