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Hong Kong protests: Rule of law on ‘brink of collapse’, police say

After five months of protests that have recently escalated in violence, with one activist shot in the torso and a pro-Beijing figure set on fire by protesters, police have warned that Hong Kong’s rule of law is on the edge of disintegration. The protests began in order to showcase resistance to a plan that would allow extradition to mainland China, but have since expanded to encompass unsatisfactory police accountability and standards of democracy in Hong Kong. Police have responded to the protestors with tear gas and physical force as riots break out.

The anti-China protests have wreaked havoc on the political and economic stability of Hong Kong, making global news headlines. On Tuesday, police and protestors clashed at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and police fired tear gas at crowds of students. At City University, there was a day-long standoff between students and riot police.

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