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Critical Flaws Found in Cyberoam Security Devices

Trusted cybersecurity company, Cyberoam, released their firewall and VPN technology with critical flaws. These Flaws went unnoticed by Cyberoam, but were recently discovered by researchers at vpnMentor. Cyberoam’s 65,000 users are concerned as they rely on Cyberoam to protect the intellectual property of their global corporations. A countless number of people are left in disbelief as they wonder how such critical flaws could go unnoticed.

In the last quarter of 2019, the first vulnerability was found in the FirewallOS of Cyberoam SSL VPNs by vpnMentor themselves. Conversely, the second, was anonymously shared with a vpnMentor by an ethical hacker that was later confirmed in by the vpnMentor Research Lab. Cyberoam software forms a gateway that blocks unauthorized access to users’ networks. Security device flaws comprise by potentially allowing a malicious request to enter software that enables an unauthenticated, remote attacker to execute arbitrary commands. The main flaw centers around how an email is ‘released from quarantine.’ Concerns raised by vpnMentors detail the access that attackers possess on Cyberoam protected devices. Sophos Group plc, the company that purchased Cyberoam in 2014, has since published hotfixes to limit vulnerability to risks. Since 2012, vpnMentors continually remains exposing flaws with the Cyberoam security systems.

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