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Ransomware hits Louisiana state government systems

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards revealed a ransomware attack yesterday took down websites and the Louisiana state government network. Edwards stated that the Office of Technology Services recognized the threat and took the servers down, affecting employee e-mails, websites, and other applications controlled by the government. The extent of the damage caused by the ransomware is unclear, but WWLTV stated that the state’s internal server has yet to come back online. 

Websites previously down at the time of the attack have since been restored as internal applications continue to be compromised. Louisiana’s mitigation of the ransomware threat solidifies its position as one of the few US states that has a clear and efficient plan for dealing with cyberattacks. Louisiana’s quick response was made possible by the establishment of a Cybersecurity Commission by Governor Edwards in 2017. Last summer, Louisiana school districts were hit with a ransomware attack in which Edwards declared a state of emergency. The Louisiana attack follows dozens of others this year, as ransomware has increasingly been targeting US municipalities and local governments.

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