WikiLeaks reveals malware targeting journalists, activists

“WikiLeaks has dropped another bombshell, this time in the form of software, for those already weary of governments all over the world spying on people, whether they be their citizens for not. It is giving out malware developed by German company FinFisher in the hopes that countermeasures can be developed to give its intended targets, journalists, activists, and political dissidents, a fighting chance.

According to WikiLeaks, FinFisher is a German outfit, formerly part of a UK company, that has been developing malware, particularly intrusion software, that can intercept communications and data from almost all major operating systems, whether they be desktop or mobile. This software is then bought by government intelligence agencies who then particularly target journalists and activists. FinFisher’s name first surfaced in WikiLeak’s 2011 disclosure.”

Source: WikiLeaks reveals malware targeting journalists, activists – SlashGear

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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