Another advanced hacking crew from China is revealed – Red Star

“In the spirit of last February’s report by Mandiant detailing the exploits of a Chinese-government-linked hacker group, Russian IT security giant Kaspersky Lab today released a report on another sophisticated Chinese cyber-espionage outfit, dubbed the Red Star APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) by the lab.

According to the lab, this advanced hacker group of about 50 people has been active since at least 2005, possibly 2004, and has invaded the networks of more than 350 ‘high profile’ victims ranging from Tibetan and Uyghur freedom activists to government agencies, embassies, universities, defense contractors, and oil companies in 40 countries using ‘covert surveillance’ and espionage software called NetTraveler. (The name sounds so innocent, doesn’t it?)”

Source: i-HLS Red Star: Another advanced hacking crew from China is revealed

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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