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In the Age of AI, Microsoft Continues to Corner the Market on the Human Stack with GitHub Acquisition

In addition to it’s research in AI and Quantum Computing, Microsoft has continued to apply appropriate focus on managing the human stack. In addition, to its traditional suite of Office and online solutions, Microsoft continues to acquire companies that have a human capital focus. Acquiring LinkedIn put Microsoft at the core of professional networking and recruiting and their acquisition of GitHub positions them as the hub for developer talent.

What might be next? Picking up Yammer several years ago was a smart move, but other technologies like Slack have taken the lead and would make a great acquisition target or perhaps a security enabled communication stack like Wickr either as a stand-alone product or to integrate the technology into existing solutions like Skype.

Regardless, it is clear Microsoft believes that deep integration with the human workforce is essential to their future growth and market position.

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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