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Russia’s Ukraine War Drives 62% Slump in Stolen Cards

Recorded Future has released a report that describes how the Russian invasion of Ukraine in early 2022 led to a 62% decrease in stolen payment card records. The records were later published to the dark web on cybercrime underground forums. The report details all payment fraud trends and information from 2022. Recorded future stated that it detected a decline in the volume of card-not-present records and card present records on dark web carding shops.

Recorded Future traces this decrease back to two significant events that occurred at the beginning of the year. The first event identified by Recorded Future was a crackdown on cybercrime groups conducted by the Russian state. The operation included arresting suspected members of REvil ransomware group, a perpetrator of credit card theft. The other event was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which Recorded Future states impacted threat actors’ ability to engage in card fraud.

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