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Pakistan PM seeks India talks on ‘burning issues such as Kashmir’

The Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has called for talks with India to discuss burning issues and has asked the United Arab Emirates to play a role in dissolving the tensions between the two countries. Last week, Sharif visited the UAE and termed it a brotherly country. He has stated that Pakistan will talk to India with sincerity, but that they both must be willing to. 

One of the burning issues Pakistan hopes to discuss is Kashmir. Kashmir is a Himalayan territory and has been a large point of tension between the countries since they gained independence from British rule in 1947. Since then, two out of the three wars that have been fought were over Kashmir. Four years ago, India’s government revoked the section of the constitution that granted Indian-administered Kashmir partial autonomy. This created large protests and a harsh government crackdown. India alleges Pakistan provides support to armed rebels, something that Pakistan denies. Pakistan claims to only provide diplomatic support. Sharif says both countries must think of their future and that Pakistan is ready to talk and work together to provide prosperity.

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