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China COVID cases hit fresh record high after weekend of protests

China has posted a record-high number of Covid-19 infections on Monday after a weekend of protests over the coronavirus restrictions. Demonstrators and police clashed on Sunday in Shanghai, and police took a busload of protesters away from the scene. Stocks and oil prices slid on Monday as well in China, as the protests raised concern about China’s zero-COVID policies and its impact on the economy. 

Protests occurred in Wuhan and Lanzhou where COVID testing facilities were overturned. Students gathered on campuses to protest in anger after an apartment fire in Urumqi killed 10 people after the rescue efforts were hindered by COVID-19 regulations and restrictions. There were protests in Beijing as well. China sought to reduce restrictions earlier this month, but a surge in cases has thwarted these efforts in recent weeks. China reported a fifth daily record on Monday with 40,052 cases.

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