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Russia Gives Citizenship to Ex-NSA Contractor Edward Snowden

Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that former US security contractor Edward Snowden would be granted citizenship. Putin allegedly singed a decree on Monday that offered 75 foreign citizens Russian citizenship. The decree has since been published on an official government website. Snowden has been residing in Russia since 2013 to evade prosecution in the US. Snowden was found responsible for leaking classified documents that contained highly sensitive details regarding government surveillance programs.

In 2020, Snowden was granted permanent Russian residency. Around this time, he announced that he planned to apply for Russian citizenship but would not renounce his US citizenship. Snowden currently resides with his wife, Lindsay Mills. In addition, the couple had a child in Russia in 2020. Snowden has previously stated that he is willing to return to the US if he is guaranteed a fair trial. Snowden has not commented on the recent announcement.

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