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Russian Military-Recruitment Centers Attacked Amid Mobilization Pushback

Last week, Russia announced plans to mobilize 300,000 individuals to fight in the ware against Ukraine. Tensions have grown since the announcement after two military recruitment centers were attacked. In addition, lines of draft-age men have accumulated at Russia’s borders and in airports as the men attempt to leave the country and avoid the draft. A Russian man reportedly opened fire at a military recruiting station in Siberia. The attacker wounded its commander during the attack, which occurred just hours after another man drove a car into the entrance of a different recruitment center and set it on fire. The attacks showcase the growing discontent the Russian population has for the conflict, and specifically, the draft.

One of the attackers was a 25-year-old unemployed man who reportedly said everyone would home before opening fire. There have been reports that officials are refusing to let men of military age and health to leave the country as many are avoiding the draft. There have been a few incidents of defiance that have been sparked by the mobilization announcement. The Kremlin has largely criminalized dissent, making these incidents rare. In addition, protests over the weekend resulted in mass arrests in dozens of cities.

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