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Rockstar Games Confirms ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Breach

Take-Two Interactive Software subsidiary Rockstar Games has confirmed that an unauthorized third party has downloaded files and videos belonging to the company’s flagship game, Grand Theft Auto 6. The hacker allegedly posted a trove of video clips to an online forum this weekend. The data, which contained more than 90 video files, has since been removed. Several forum users considered the videos to be authentic, however, forum administrators confirmed that the data was stolen when the files were removed. In addition, administrators warned forum members not to share media that is copyrighted such as that that was posted over the weekend.

Take-Two Interactive confirmed the breach on Monday in a corporate filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, stating that Rockstar Games experienced a network intrusion resulting in unauthorized third party access. The illegal downloads and copyrighted materials included confidential information from Rockstar Games’ systems, including new material and development footage for the next version of Grand Theft Auto.

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