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Ports, schools shut as Typhoon Muifa barrels toward eastern China

Chinese authorities have ordered ships to return to port due to projections that the country will suffer from one of the strongest typhoons this year. The typhoon, named Muifa, is set to make landfall in the eastern province of Zhejiang. In addition to the ships returning to port, China has ordered some schools to close and has evacuated tourists visiting coastal islands. The storm is expected to make landfall on Wednesday. Chinese authorities have upgraded the typhoon alert to orange, which is the second highest warning level on a scale of four.

State media reported that the emergency requires relevant meteorological departments to take emergency positions immediately. It is expected that the Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Shandong regions will be affected.  Typhoon Muifa will bring torrential rains with it, which could cause flooding in the coastal areas as well as Shanghai. In addition, the typhoon could cause destruction to buildings and residences.

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