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Hackers Compromise Employee Data at PVC-Maker Eurocell

Eurocell, a leading British PVC manufacturer, has suffered from a substantial data breach, according to a law firm that viewed emails to current and former employees. The Derbyshire-based company operates as a distributor of UPVC windows, doors, and roofing products. The data breach reportedly occurred when an unauthorized third party accessed its systems. The company reported that the information exposed includes employment terms and conditions, dates of birth, next of kin, bank account, NI and tax reference numbers, health and wellbeing documents, disciplinary and grievance documents, and more.

The information could be leveraged by attackers to conduct further attacks against individuals, such as phishing or extortion campaigns. The number of employees that were impacted remains unclear. The company currently has 2,000 employees, but it is possible that former employees were impacted by the data breach as well.

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