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TikTok Denies Breach After Hacker Claims ‘2 Billion Data Records’ Stolen

Popular social media platform TikTok is denying allegations of a data breach just weeks after security researchers uncovered a serious vulnerability in the app that could have exposed users to a 1-click takeover exploit. The issue affected Android users and has since been patched by TikTok. However, reports began circulating that the platform had been hacked over the holiday weekend. A TikTok spokesperson stated that no evidence of a security breach had been detected, however, they did urge users to change their passwords and enable two-factor authentication.

The reports arose due to an alleged hack that appeared on the Breach Forums message board earlier this month. One user posted screenshots that were allegedly from a TikTok and WeChat data breach. The user told the forum that they were not sure if they wanted to sell it or release it to the public. In the same post, a link to two samples of the data was published. The user claimed to have accessed 2 billion records from the database. It is still unclear whether the user is being truthful about the hack, but TikTok continues to state that it has found no evidence of a breach.

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