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VMware looks to tap growing APAC need for multi-cloud management

VMware has announced that its next phase of cloud development will focus on multi-cloud management and security. Businesses in the Asia-Pacific are seeking options but have a difficult time coping with the complexities of different platform management. To solve this issue, VMware is looking to step in and aid its customers with a range of products designed to be interconnected. The reality today is that hyperscalers typically operate like isolated systems, presenting a challenge for organizations in the region. The shift made by VMware would fuel the need for multi-cloud management and security strategies as the next step of new developments in the market.

According to VMware, this could result in opportunities in systems integrators and software vendors to remove complexities challenging certain communities and advertise the integration tools that make multi-cloud management seamless. Asia-Pacific enterprises are looking to transition from being cloud-first to cloud-native, which would allow them to continue to leverage emerging technologies, according to experts.

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