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Indian company to develop Nepal hydropower plant left by China

Nepal signed a pact with an Indian company to develop a hydroelectric power plant in the west of the country after a Chinese firm backed out years ago. Nepal’s rivers have the potential to generate over 42,000 megawatts of hydroelectric power and they have now been opened to foreign players to develop its economy and export electricity. Nepal has a trade deficit of over $13 billion and is hoping the development of the hydroelectric power will held decrease this deficit. 

India’s NHPC Ltd signed a memorandum of understanding on Thursday to study details such as feasibility, environmental effects, inundation of land and construction costs for projects on two rivers. The West Seti river is expected to produce 750 megawatts and the SR 6 is expected to produce 450 megawatts. The plants are expected to be located on the West Seti River in Nepal’s western region.

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