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U.K. Water Supplier Hit with Clop Ransomware Attack

A UK water supplier has suffered from a ransomware attack that disrupted corporate IT systems. The attackers misidentified the victim in a post on its website containing leaked stolen data, however, the water supplier confirmed the cyberattack. Thankfully, the organization’s water supply was not impacted. The Clop ransomware group claimed that the attack occurred against a larger water utility, however, the attack actually occurred against South Staffordshire PLC, an organization that is the parent company of South Staffs Water and Cambridge Water.

The company’s ability to supply safe water to all of its customers was ensured in a statement released on Monday. The company provides water to roughly 1.6 customers daily, so a disruption to the water service would be costly and dangerous. The lack of disruption to the water supply was thanks to robust systems and controls that were put in place to protect the critical infrastructure facility.

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