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Taliban celebrates ‘victory day’, as Afghans face economic crisis

The Taliban has marked the first year anniversary  of its return to power in Afghanistan. Taliban members celebrated the “day of victory” in the capital, Kabul. The group captured Kabul in a lightning offensive against government forces as US-led troops were leaving the country after two decades of intervention. 

Exactly one year ago, on August 15, the Taliban entered the capital after the president at the time fled the country. Since the takeover, the economy in Afghanistan has collapsed, women’s rights have been stripped away, and millions of people are struggling through food shortages. Women have been unable to return to many government jobs and girls have been shut out of secondary schools. 97% of families are struggling to provide enough food for their children according to a report by Save the Children. The country is in an economic crisis, it’s overseas assets are frozen by the US government and aid is being restricted in order  to keep funds out of the Taliban’s hands.

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