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Russia Says it Won’t Allow U.S. Inspection for Now of Its Nuclear Weapons

On Monday, Moscow stated that it will not support the resumption of inspections at its nuclear arsenal. The resumption of inspections was discussed due to the New START treaty over travel restrictions imposed by the US. The accord requires that Russia halt the production of long-range nuclear arms and is the last major agreement that regulates nuclear competition between Washington and Moscow. Weapons inspections were paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. However, when US inspectors opened discussions regarding the resumption of on-site monitoring, they were met with non-compliance from Russia.

A statement made by Russia’s Foreign Ministry cited US-driven international restrictions as a major deciding factor as to whether the US inspectors would be allowed in. In addition, certain restrictions preclude Russian aircraft from flying Russian inspectors to American territory. Russia claims that this offers the US unilateral advantages and denies Russia the right to carry out its own inspections.

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