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US Doubles Reward for Info on North Korean Hackers

The US government has ramped up the reward for providing information pertaining to North Korean state-linked hackers to $10 million, which may indicate that its efforts thus far have proved unsuccessful. In March of 2022, the State Department’s Rewards for Justice scheme announced a $5 million reward for information, meaning that the award has since been doubled. The statement instructed individuals with information regarding the malicious cyber groups such as Andariel, APT38, Bluenoroff, Gaurdians of Peace, Lazarus Group, and Kimsuky that they may be eligible for a reward.

The department set up a Tor-based tip line so that potential informants are able to submit information and protect their identity and location, a huge motivating factor. The reward program dates back to last year, when the US Department of Justice unsealed a federal indictment of several suspected Lazarus members that the government believes are linked to the Reconnaissance General Bureau, a military intelligence agency. However, it is difficult to conduct traditional intelligence gathering efforts against North Korea as the state is isolated and secretive. Therefore, the reward was created in hopes of gaining some insight into the hacking groups.

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