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International Authorities Take Down Flubot Malware Network

The information stealing trojan Flubot has been taken down by international authorities. Flubot was known to use SMS messages and contact credentials to spread internationally across Android devices since December 2020. Europol revealed on Wednesday that a collaboration  between law enforcement agencies in 11 different countries was successful in disrupting the Flubot network in early May. Dutch Police stated that the efforts rendered the malware strain inactive.

Some of the countries collaborating in the effort include Australia, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, the US, Sweden, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The effort was coordinated by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, who teamed with national investigators in countries that had been impacted by Flubot to provide a joint strategy. In addition, Europol provided digital forensic support. The individuals behind Flubot remain at large, however, Europol and those who participated in the takedown are focusing their efforts on tracking them down.

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