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You Need to Update iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Zoom ASAP

Security researchers at WIRED have urged users to update iOS, Chrome, Windows, and Zoom as soon as possible to stay up to date with relevant security issues. According to Wired, Google has had a busy month releasing patches for the Chrome browser and the Android operating system. In addition, Zoom and Apple have released patches that fix serious vulnerabilities that could put devices at risk and susceptible to attack. Apple iOS and iPadOS, macOS Big Sur, and Apple Watch have all received patches this month that fix flaws in the Kernel, WebKit browser engine, and elsewhere. Apple stated that none of the patches issued for iOS and iPad are being used in attacks, but users should still update their devices in case attackers begin leveraging the flaws in the future.

Owners of Apple Watch, macOS, and tvOS devices should update as soon as possible. The patch released by Apple was an emergency update designed to fix a flaw that is already being used in attacks. The flaw is an issue with Kernel privileges, meaning that it is very severe. Additionally, Android released patches for 36 vulnerabilities in May, including one being actively exploited. Mozilla released Firefox 100 in May as well, and the new release included nine security fixes, seven of which rated as high severity. Due to the heightened number of patches released in May and the amount of vulnerabilities identified, Wired says that users should update all of the appropriate devices and services as soon as possible to avoid the risk of attack.

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