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Senate Report says US Government Lacks Comprehensive Data on Ransomware

According to a new Senate report by the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, the US lacks comprehensive data regarding ransomware attacks. This includes details such as financial losses both in ransom payments and to companies while suffering from the attack and attempting to remedy the effects. The report presented findings that originate from a 10-month investigation into ransomware, citing FBI figures showing that the agency had received 3,729 ransomware complaints. In addition the FBI reported adjusted losses of more than $49.2 million for those companies.

However, the Senate alleges that the FBI figures dramatically underestimate the actual number of ransomware attacks and adjusted losses. The Senate interviewed federal law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and private companies that assist victims with ransomware demands and concluded that there is a serious lack of data. The Senate wrote that resolving this issue is highly important due to the fact that ransomware is a surging attack vector and more data is needed to better understand and deal with the attacks. The report also highlights the significant threat posed to US national security, demonstrated by the ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline last year.

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