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Russian soldiers seen shooting dead unarmed civilians

CCTV footage has revealed that Russian soldiers are targeting and shooting dead unarmed Ukrainian civilians in the ongoing conflict between the two countries that has resulted in millions of refugees fleeing the country. The BBC has obtained footage of Lenoid Pliats, a bicycle shop security guard, and his boss being shot in the back by Russian soldiers. The footage is being investigated by Ukrainian prosecutors as a suspected warcrime. After the murders, the Russian soldiers looted the business. The Russian soldiers allegedly arrived in a stolen van that displayed the V sign used by Russian forces and the words “Tank Spetsnaz” in black paint. The men were also dressed in Russian military uniforms.

Although there is no audio on the CCTV footage, the original encounter between the bicycle shop employees and Russian forces appears to be calm. The Russian soldiers approached the men with their guns up, and the pair begin to leave when the soldiers suddenly turn and and shoot the two individuals multiple times in the back. Pliats’ boss is killed immediately, but he survives for several minutes before his eventual death. The CCTV footage disputes Russian claims that no civilians are targeted and killed purposefully.

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