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Microsoft patches cross-tenant bug in Azure PostgreSQL

Microsoft has patched a security vulnerability in Azure PostgreSQL that could have been exploited by cyberattackers to execute malicious code. Researchers from Wiz Research published an advisory on “ExtraReplica,” the vulnerability, describing it as a cross-account database vulnerability in Azure infrastructure. The report was published on Thursday and explains how a chain of vulnerabilities could be used to bypass its tenant isolation, a feature that is designed to prevent software-as-a-service (SaaS) systems customers from accessing resources not belonging to them. Microsoft Azure provides thousands of enterprise customers with hybrid cloud services.

ExtraReplica’s core attack vector is based on a flaw that allowed researchers to read access to PostgreSQL databases without authorization. Once a public PostgreSQL Flexible Server has been selected by the attacker, Wiz reports that the attacker must find the target’s Azure region by matching the database domain name to one of Azure’s public IP ranges. The vulnerability could be exploited on the attacker-controlled instance, leading to escalated superuser privileges and the ability to execute code.

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