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Website of Russian Oil Giant Gazprom Neft Down After Alleged Hack

Although there is limited information available, the website of Gazprom Neft appears to be offline on Wednesday after an alleged hack. Gazprom Neft is the oil arm of the Russian state gas company Gazprom. The hack seems to be the latest offensive move on behalf of a government-associated site that is closely following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. According to local reports, a statement distributed by Gazprom CEO Alexie Miller was briefly displayed on the company’s website. Mr. Miller is a close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The statement appeared to show a fraudulent version of the site, and made critical remarks about Russia’s military decisions in terms of its invasion of Ukraine. Therefore, the message is not believed to have been from Mr. Miller and the site was taken down shortly thereafter.

Just a month ago, Mr. Miller urged his customers and 500,000 employees to support Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine in the face of pressing foreign sanctions. According to the company, the statement released following the hack is not to be regarded as an official statement or representative of the company. Gazprom is Russia’s third-largest oil producer. Russia has been repeatedly targeting Ukrainian news websites, frequently displaying the letter Z following the attack to display Russian support to viewers.

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