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Activist Admits Shutting Down California County’s Website

Activist Christopher Doyon has admitted to his role in a cyberattack that shut down a California County’s website over a decade ago. After initially pleading not guilty to being involved in the cyberattack, Doyon changed his plea to guilty on Tuesday when he appeared before the district judge. According to the indictment, Doyon was charged with involvement in the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack that effectively shut down Santa Cruz County’s site in December 2010. Almost a year later, Doyon was indicted in September 2011 for conspiracy to cause intentional damage to a protected computer.

The DDoS attack was allegedly perpetrated as part of a larger operation that was conducted in retaliation for Santa Cruz banning camping within the city limits. The operation was referred to as Operation Peace Camp 2010. Santa Cruz County officials estimated that the attack on its systems caused roughly $4060 worth of damage. Following the charges, Doyon was arrested and released on bond. He then failed to appear for a federal court hearing a few months later and fled to Canada. Eventually, Doyon was arrested in Mexico in June 2021 and was subsequently deported to the US.

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