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Sri Lanka: Protest at president Rajapaksa’s home turns violent

A curfew was imposed and tear gas was fired at demonstrators during a protest outside the president’s house in Sri Lanka Thursday night. The demonstrators were protesting food, fuel and power shortages when they stormed through barricades and allegedly set fire to a bus during the protest. Sri Lanks is in the middle of a foreign exchange crisis that has crippled its economy. 

The country is facing a lack of fuel, essential food, medicine and 13 hour power cuts. The demonstration Thursday night began peacefully, but allegedly turned violent after police fired tear gas and water cannons at those present. Protestors responded by throwing stones at the police. 45 people were arrested on Friday morning, however, no charges have been made against them yet. The protests showed a stark change in the popularity of Mr Rajapaksa who won with a majority in 2019.

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