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Four Million Refugees Have Now Fled Ukraine, Says U.N.

According to a United Nations report on Wednesday, four million Ukrainians have fled the country due to the ongoing war. The exodus marks the largest movement of people in Europe since WWII. This figure also surpasses the refugee count the UN predicted for the entire war in just under five weeks. The scale of humanitarian flight has slowed in recent days, however, the UN’s High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) states that millions have also been displaced within the country. Roughly 10.5 million individuals have uprooted within the country or forced abroad whereas an estimated 12 million are trapped in areas affected by the war and unable to leave.

Many of the refugees are women and children due to a law imposed at the start of the invasion that prevents men of fighting age from leaving the country. Many of those fleeing the violence have crossed into Poland to seek refuge. Roughly 2.4 million have arrived in Poland, according to border police. Hundreds of thousands of others have fled to other countries such as Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, and Hungary.

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