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Utah Becomes Latest US State to Pass a Data Privacy Law

This month, Utah became the latest state to pass a landmark data privacy law. The Utah Consumer Privacy Act (UCPA) will take effect in two years and apply to organizations that boast an annual revenue of $25 million or more that conduct businesses in Utah or produce products and services targeted at Utah residents. The bill is designed to apply to companies that process large volumes of personal data and aims to keep that data protected. Utah marks the fourth US state to enact a consumer privacy law over the past few years, following California, Virginia, and Colorado.

The UCPA aims to provide Utah consumers with new rights when it comes to the collection and use of their personal information. Under the law, consumers will have the right to access, delete, and obtain a copy of their personal data from companies in a portable manner. Consumers can also chose to opt out of the sale of their personal data for targeted advertising usages. Although Virginia, Colorado, and California’s laws allow consumers the ability to correct inaccuracies in their personal data, the UCPA does not.

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