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White House Denies Mulling Massive Cyberattacks Against Russia

The White House has denied reports that President Biden received plans containing an arsenal of ways to launch massive cyberattacks against Russia, including tampering with trains, electric service, and internet connectivity. The cyberattacks would hinder Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. NBC News reported on the matter on Thursday, listing the options provided. The outlet’s sources were identified as two US intelligence officials, one Western intelligence official, and another individual briefed on the matter. NBC reported that no final decisions had been made as of Thursday afternoon.

One of the sources stated that the possibilities of attack range from aggravating to extremely destructive. However, that source stated that most of the measures on the list of potential cyberattacks are designed to be disruptive rather than destructive. The attacks would likely distract Russia from its invasion of Russia rather than wreak havoc on its citizens. Press Secretary Jen Psaki took to Twitter to clear up the NBC story, claiming that the reporting was highly inaccurate.

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