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These new hacking groups are striking industrial, operational tech targets

Researchers claim that new hacking groups have emerged, targeting industrial players, critical infrastructure providers, utilities companies, and energy companies. The attackers are allegedly seeking to steal data or intellectual property, cause disruption, or access sensitive material rather than to make money via ransom payments. Researchers state that the ransomware incidents experienced by Colonial Pipeline and JBS have attracted attention to the ramifications of digital attacks on supply chains.

Industrial cyberattacks can also be political in nature, such as those in Ukraine. Recently, Russia was found responsible for a series of ongoing cyberattacks that includes a distributed denial-of-service assault on government websites. In addition, Ukrainian financial services have also been targeted. Although Russia has denied any involvement, they were also accused of a 2015 attack that temporarily disabled Ukraine’s power grid. Researchers have warned US entities of the high risk of attacks targeting critical infrastructure and other essential services such as those provided by Colonial Pipeline.

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