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Fertility Clinic Hit with Ransomware

A New York City based fertility clinic is undergoing the process of notifying patients that their personal data may have been compromised during a recent cyberattack. The clinic, Extended Fertility, specializes in IVF and was hit with ransomware in December. Since the attack, the clinic has hired a third-party digital forensic specialist to determine the nature and scope of the cyber incident. Extended Fertility released a data breach notice confirming the attack, and stated that the incident impacted its networks and servers. As a result, protected health and personal information belonging to some patients and being stored on the clinic’s servers was accessed by threat actors.

Extended Fertility reportedly took steps to ensure that its systems were safely restored and secured. The resulting investigation found that the attackers were able to access protected health information and additional personal data regarding patients. The clinic reported extensive analysis of its files to determine what information was compromised. How many patients were impacted as a result of the incident remains unclear.

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