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Data Breach at Morley Companies

Last year, cybercriminals targeted Morley Companies in an attack that may have exposed the personal information of 521,000 individuals. Morley Companies is a business services company based in Saginaw, Michigan. The attack was detected on August 1, when the company released its customer care services became suddenly unavailable. On Friday, Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel confirmed that the company suffered from a data security incident, and that it may have impacted data belonging to clients, former employees, and current employees.

Morley also confirmed the attack in a data security notice, in which it stated that the data breach involved personally identifiable information as well as protected health information. Data that may have been exposed includes names, addresses, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, medical diagnoses, treatment information, health insurance information, and more. Nessel warned that the data breach could potentially impact individuals who were victims of the security incident, and to be aware of any emails, phone calls, and text messages asking for bank information.

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