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China Suspected of News Corp Cyberespionage Attack

Last month, publishing giant News Corp suffered from a cyberattack in which attackers infiltrated the company’s network using BEC. Microsoft claims to have moved to stop such attacks by blocking VBA macros in 5 different Windows apps, however, the attack was still effective. In the latest update, cybersecurity professionals determined that Chinese hackers were responsible for the attack. The attackers were likely looking for intelligence that would serve China’s interests during the cyberattack. The incident shows the persistent vulnerability of corporate networks to email-based attacks, however.

Reports of the cyber espionage attack were revealed on Monday, however, the incident occurred in late January. The breach was limited to several individuals working for specific outlets, including News UK, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Post. The attack has also raised concerns over the safety of confidential sources who are currently or have worked with journalists.

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