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Myanmar court sentences ousted leader to four years jail

Aung San Suu Kyi, the former leader of Myanmar who was ousted this year due to a military coup, has been sentenced to four years in prison. This marks the first decision in a series of verdicts that could land the former leader in jail for the rest of her life. Suu Kyi was found guilty of inciting dissent and breaking Covid rules under a natural disasters law. She faces 11 charges in total, most of which have been widely condemned as unjust. Suu Kyi has denied all of the charges brought against her since the military coup in February that toppled her elected civilian government.

It is unclear if Suu Kyi will end up in prison, and as of right now she is being held at an undisclosed location. Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy party ally and former president Min Myint was also sentenced to the same term on Monday, under the same charges as Suu Kyi. The UN Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet has condemned the trial, calling it a sham. The trials have drawn international criticisms from governments such as the UK and rights groups such as Amnesty International. Suu Kyi’s next trial will be on December 14, where she faces charges related to illegal possession of walkie-talkies.

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