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Facebook’s Meta says bad actors are changing tactics as it takes down six more groups

Meta has been working to take down adversarial networks across the world that were operating on Facebook and engaging in behavior such as spreading false information, harassment, and attempting to have legitimate information taken down. Meta stated that the groups violated rules set forth in its Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior policies and two new additions called Brigading and Mass Reporting. The former has been defined as a group of people who work together to mass comment, post, or engage in repetitive mass behaviors to harass or silence other users. Meta stated that networks had been removed in Europe, one located in France and the other in Italy.

In Vietnam, Meta found a network attempting to use mass reporting to have accurate news reports criticizing the government taken down. Additional networks have been removed in Poland, Belarus, China, and Palestine for violating Facebook policies. It appears that Facebook is shifting its definition of a security threat and how the social media platform will respond to them. The company stated that its focus is to study malicious behaviors and add new layers of defense to prevent further harmful actions against legitimate users or content. In the past, Facebook has been criticized for its slow and lacking response to groups leveraging the platform to spread disinformation.

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