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Four injured as old bomb explodes near train station in German city of Munich

Four people were injured in Munich, Germany after an explosion caused by an old aircraft bomb exploded. The aircraft bomb was located near a busy train station, according to police reports. The explosion occurred during some construction activity near the Donnersbergerbruecke station. Emergency services assisted with the rescue and medical efforts following the attack. After an initial investigation, it became clear that there was no evidence of criminal offenses. Since the incident, the area has been sectioned off and train traffic remained blocked on the main route.

German police forces assured citizens that there was no danger outside of the immediate area and that the explosion was the result of an old aircraft bomb, likely from World War II. This is not the first time similar incidents have occurred. In June of 2019, residents in Ahlbach Germany were awoken by a sudden blast that left a crater spanning 10 meters wide and 4 meters deep in its wake. Police later identified the cause of the explosion to be a WWII bomb left behind. In April of 2018, police were able to defuse an unexploded WWII bomb weighing 1,100 pounds in Berlin. The latest such incident occurred in September of 2019 when almost 60,000 Frankfurt residents were evacuated when a 3,000-pound bomb dating back to WWII was discovered.

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