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Philippines navy completes resupply mission after Chinese blockade

Following a Chinese blockage in the South China Sea, navy vessels from the Philippines successfully completed a resupply mission at an outpost in the region. The mission was completed yesterday, according to the Philippino defense minister. Two vessels were unhindered earlier in the dar in reaching the Sierra Madre, a ship that was intentionally grounded decades ago at the Second Thomas Shoal. A small boat was dispatched from the Chinese coast guard vessel with three people, who recorded the unloading of the Philippine cargo. On Monday, the President of the Philippines rebuked China at an international summit due to the blockade.

The United States was quick to join in, condemning China’s coast guard for interrupting the mission and deploying the use of water cannons at the resupply boats. The area is located within the Philippines’ 200-mile exclusive economic zone. The US called the blockade a form of intimidation and harassment. The Chinese Embassy in Manila has not responded to requests for comments.

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