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DBS Bank offers few details about hours-long service disruption

DBS bank has suffered from an hours-long service disruption yet has failed to provide details as to what caused it. Several customers of the bank have been unable to log in or access mobile services since Tuesday morning. As of now, the disruption remains unresolved and customers have been left in the dark about what is happening and what DBS is doing to address the issue. The bank posted the same message to its Twitter, Facebook profiles, and website acknowledging the issue and stating that they were working to remediate it. However, the lack of transparency has customers concerned.

Customers stated that although DBS Bank claimed that the internet was intermittent and slow for some of its users, most customers could not access their accounts at all. Customers claim that the whole banking service was down for hours. Another noted that when they were able to log into their DBS bank account, the balance was inaccurate. DBS has not been responding to requests for comments or questions. The bank was scheduled to conduct routine maintenance around the time that online services stopped working. However, the timeframe for the maintenance was 1 am to 4 am, and the outage persisted for hours after.

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