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Ethiopia’s Leader Vows to ‘Bury This Enemy,’ Even as Rebels Advance

Prime MInister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia urged soldiers to protect the city on Wednesday as rebel fighters approached the capital. Africa’s second-most populous country is facing a crisis as rebel forces from the northern Tigray region are approaching the capital; a national state of emergency was declared on Tuesday. The Addis Ababa police are continuing a roundup of ethnic Tigrayans and committing raids and checking for identity cards. Analysts are concerned that the detentions could cause ethnically motivated attacks in the city. 

American citizens have been advised by the Embassy to leave Ethiopia immediately and requested all diplomats’ families and nonessential staff to be allowed to depart on a voluntary basis. Tigrayan rebels captured two major towns 160 miles north of the capital over the weekend. The rebels have joined with a smaller rebel group and are preparing for a major push toward Addis Ababa. International efforts to halt the fighting after human rights violations committed by both sides were discovered have failed. Pressure for either side to take accountability for the crimes committed has also failed according to the United Nations report released Wednesday. Mr. Abiy has vowed to protect and fight for the capital against the rebels.

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