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Nigeria races to find survivors as 22 die in building collapse

In Nigeria, a building collapse has left at least 22 dead as rescue teams search through rubble to locate potential survivors. The building, a high-rise under construction, collapsed yesterday and trapped dozens of people in Lagos. Family members and friends have gathered near the site of the incident, hoping to gather news on the wellbeing of those still trapped in the aftermath of the collapse. The National Emergency Management Agency coordinator for Lagos reported to media outlets that the death toll had climbed to 22 after several bodies were recovered overnight.

Rescue teams were able to save nine individuals who are still alive. Building collapses have become more and more frequent in Nigeria, where regulations are poorly enforced and construction materials are often substandard. Nigeria stated that there had been some building infractions during construction this year, but did not state whether those errors had been corrected. The state’s chief architect was suspended indefinitely as a result of the collapse, allowing the government to launch an investigation into the disaster. The results of the probe will be made known to the public.

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